The Power of Partnership in Teacher Preparation: Preparing a New Generation of Educators for California

Apr 1, 2018

This brief seeks to describe and inform effective collaboration between California State University (CSU) campuses and K-12 school districts with shared interest in preparing teachers for success in the 21st-century classroom. It cites important characteristics of partnerships gleaned through the experience of CSU campuses and local districts, and illustrates these characteristics in application via the Kern Urban Teacher Residency -- one of several innovative collaborations taking place across the state.

This document invites all CSU campuses and school districts to reflect on the strengths and opportunities inherent in their partnerships. It also encourages all to share perspectives and examples that can enrich mutual efforts to prepare teachers to lead instruction that meets the needs of students, schools, and communities today.

This brief was developed through the Preparing a New Generation of Educators for California Initiative (NGEI). Please see the appendix to learn more about this Initiative.