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The S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation defines resiliency as the capacity of an organization to respond effectively to change, to adapt successfully to new and unforeseen conditions and circumstances – and to seize opportunity.

Because the Foundation is investing all assets by 2020, it has special interest in the ongoing sustainability of grantees. We know that resiliency matters to grantee success. In 2013, Foundation program officers began working in partnership with grantees to examine and discuss seven factors that can contribute to organizational resiliency. These factors are now available for broad use via a free, downloadable Resiliency Guide. 

In advancing this work, the Foundation commissioned Monitor Institute to conduct a comprehensive literature review. In 2015, the Monitor team developed a rich bibliography of publications relevant to resiliency, including specific sources related to each of the resiliency factors used in the Guide. The Foundation is pleased to share the results of their search with you here.

Studying Resiliency: Select Bibilography