Principals as Instructional Leaders: Harnessing Teacher and Administrator Perceptions from the 2016 Math in Common Annual Surveys

by Alberto Heredia; Frances Reade; Rebecca Perry; Sandy Sobolew-Shubin

Jun 1, 2016

To learn more about the current state of implementation of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSS-M) in California, we conducted a survey in which we heard from over 2,000 teachers and administrators in the 10 Math in Common districts across the state. While the survey responses are limited to these 10 districts, we believe the findings are broadly applicable, as many districts across the state and country are facing similar challenges in implementing new standards.

From our ongoing partnerships with these 10 districts over the past three years, we have learned that principals are increasingly being asked to lead implementation of the CCSS-M at their sites. In addition, many districts are beginning to define their principals as instructional leaders, although there is significant variation in the specific expectations that come with this designation.

Accordingly, to better inform the work of these site leaders who find themselves on the front lines of a sea change in mathematics instruction, we have oriented the discussion of our survey results in this report toward principals and those who lead them. And, to further explore principals' instructional leadership role, we have included text boxes throughout the report in which district leaders share their evolving understanding of what instructional leadership looks like in their respective districts.