Examining Classroom Observation Rubric Data: Issues emerging from classroom observation rubric data submitted August 2017

by Alix Gallagher; Daniela Torre; Melissa White

Aug 1, 2017

Observational rubrics should be designed to measure candidate progress toward prioritized skills in a valid and reliable way. Importantly, the observational rubric must accurately capture variation between the dimensions of teaching included on the rubric, among candidates, and over time. In August 2017, the Foundation asked NGEI campuses to submit observation rubric data from all or a subset of candidates enrolled in funded programs from the most recent semester from which data was available and to write a brief reflection on their rubric data. Campuses could choose to submit data from one or more points in time. The Foundation requested that WestEd/SRI analyze the data submitted by NGEI sites.

The purpose of this memo is to provide an overview of the data campuses submitted, highlight patterns in the data, and identify issues that can inform changes in how campuses use their rubrics to support candidates.