Approaches to Improving Clinical Practice: Describing how NGEI sites are reforming clinical placement experiences and candidate feedback systems

by Alix Gallagher; Ashley Boal; Melissa White; Naa Ammah-Tagoe

Nov 1, 2016

WestEd and SRI International are conducting a formative evaluation to track New Generation of Educators Initiative (NGEI) implementation and outcomes at the campuses that received comprehensive grants in Phase 1. Periodically, we produce Evaluation Cycle Reports to synthesize current work across campuses and, at the system level, highlight best practices, and provide information on how the initiative as a whole is progressing toward the Key Transformation Elements (KTEs). The first Evaluation Cycle Report, released in December 2015, summarized initial reforms of grantees (i.e., campuses and their district partners) relative to the teacher pipeline and the KTEs. The current report describes selected continuing grantees' approaches to improving clinical practice during NGEI Phase 1 (July 2015-June 2016).